Chinie is an eclectic artist based in the Uk who writes all her own music.

So far she has been writing alone. ''I love writing something new and fresh'' she says. ''''I love originality and i'm all for it'' she says.

'' I also love writing about love life and all the other things we people love to moan about''.

'' Sometimes, I'd go to bed, and, everything is silent, and then in the mid of the night, in what i'd like to call my midnight hour, thadah! a song comes floating through. I believe this is divine, and I absolutely love the divine'' chinie says
''I mean, this happened so often I simply had to get a recorder. I simply would not miss my mojo'' chinie says. '' very few of my songs were done this way though.

However, at that point in my life, I'd go to sleep, and I'm in beautiful dreamland, and there is the most beautiful song inspiration, and I'd wake up, still singing , in my fuzzy state to realize i'd been dreaming.
This is why I simply had to get a recording machine of some sort, I ended buying a small carry around voice recorder just for this, and a karoake machine I bought at chrismas for a tener which I kept by my bed for when I wake up so I'm not forgetful.

I've never kept a radio where i slept nor a television. All this aside, I had to develop every chord of my songs.
We all know it's hard for anyone to be interested in unfinished work, unless you are famous'' chinie says.

''In all things, no matter what I do, my emphasis is always the same; to be original and to have my own identity in whatever it is I do. I have found it easy to simply write a song on the spot and i'm often told it's catchy.

I would always say leave me in a functional studio for a week, and see what I come up with there and then. It may be 4 good songs, it may be an albulm. You never know.